Spring 2012 Wedding Dress Favorites

Here’s a peek at some of my favorite lovelies for Spring 2012. All photos from Martha Stewart Weddings with photography by firstVIEW. Hop on over there to see all the gowns!

First up, my always favorite, Monique Lhuillier. A dress would have to be pretty stunning to sway me from wearing Monique Lhuillier on my wedding day. Absolutely dreamy, and I am loving the hints of blush-toned color. Starting with my favorite dress of all the new 2012 collections..


Vera Wang has lost some of my affection since selling her soul (ok, maybe just her name) to David’s Bridal. I feel like the decision to offer lower quality (read less expensive) gowns to David’s Bridal is a dilution of her brand. Don’t get me wrong, the gowns for David’s Bridal are pretty, but part of why people admire Vera Wang is because it is Vera Wang. Elusive and top of the line. Anyway, *stepping off my soap box*, that is another discussion for another day. She still designs some gorgeous, ethereal gowns, including these..

Which of these is your favorite?


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