For a Rainy Day

My friend Susan and I have been talking about getting rain boots for months. Probably almost for years by now. I was going to go the frugal route at get these from Target, but I was hesitant after reading some bad reviews. They are exactly one fifth of the price of Hunter Wellies, but if I have to replace them more often or if they tear at the least opportune time (like when its actually raining), then that doesn’t make sense, right? I’m was also tempted by the very chic  Hunter for Jimmy Choo version on sale at Saks, but fortunately they sold out before I could do damage.

I love all the different color options, but I think I’ll be boring and stick with black.

I was also worried about the height of the boots, since I’m not that tall. But I figure, if Nicole Richie is tall enough to wear them, I am too.

I love this last image of Angelina Jolie wearing Hunters in red in one of my favorite movies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I can’t wait to have some of my very own!


One Comment to “For a Rainy Day”

  1. I need some of those!!!!! I have some cute ones right now, but I can always use another pair! 🙂

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