I’m loving this idea for a new kind of holiday cookie exchange, from Better Homes and Gardens…

Invite your friends to share their holiday cookies, each representing a charity, and vote with cash for the winner.

Get friends excited about the upcoming event by sending out cookie-themed invitations. I love these invitations that include a cookie spatula! Add a cookie spatula or a cookie cutter (you can find both at the dollar store) for a low cost wow-factor.

Label every cookie with a number, so that voters can keep track of which cookie is which. Create a voting station and have each partygoer vote for their favorite cookie by putting cash in that cookie’s numbered envelope. The winner donates all the cash to her charity of choice.

Provide boxes lined with parchment paper for guests to fill with cookies to take home at the end of the party. Some other packaging items you could add are tags, labels, ribbons, or twine. Don’t forget scissors and tape!

Serve some festive cocktails and finger foods, and you’ve got yourself a party! Why not make philanthropy a part of your next holiday celebration?


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