DC Cupcakes

Something reminded me today that Sprinkles Cupcakes will be opening a location in DC this summer. I got all excited and then I thought I should figure out where else in DC I can get a yummy cupcake in the meantime.

Frosting recently opened in Chevy Chase. They seem to be a little late hopping on the bandwagon, but at least they are not too close to their competitors location wise.

Georgetown Cupcake has locations in Georgetown and Bethesda. Honestly, I don’t love the fact that they refer to themselves as making “designer” cupcakes. Ok, ok, I hate that. It turns me off. It makes me feel like they might be more hype than anything else. But, hey, they’ve been around the longest, since 2008, and they sell out all the time, so they must be doing something right.

Hello, Cupcake! is located in Dupont Circle. They are LEED Certified {love that}, and they’ve been criticized for using too much icing {my favorite part, yay!}. Oh, and I have their book! So cute.

Cake Love {you know, the one with the guy from the Food Network} has locations on U Street and in Silver Spring, Shirlington, National Harbor, Tysons Corner, and Fair Oaks Mall. These cupcakes I have actually had the pleasure of tasting! They are always perfectly imperfect but are a little to sweet for my taste. I also remember being very annoyed that their prices were not listed anywhere.
By the way, they bake normal cakes too, and even offer Vegan, gluten-free, and low sugar options as a part of their “Green Label”.

Red Velvet Cupcakery is in Dupont Circle and Penn Quarter. They boast the fact that their staff consists of trained pastry chefs and play up this whole “we’re elegant” thing. Mostly I hate them because I always dreamed of naming my bakery Red Velvet. *sigh*

Baked and Wired, in NW, is very well reviewed. It seems to be a cool, hip place, with modern cupcake art adorning the walls.

Wow. Does that seem like a whole lot of cupcakes for one city to anyone else? Hello, Cupcake! is definitely on my short list of place to go while I’m home.


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