Kaiah gets a visit from her BFF Anny

As we drove home to Northern Virginia for Spring Break, Derek and I kept wondering what in the world Kaiah would do without Anny for a whole week. Kaiah and Anny, now 10- and 8-months old, respectively, had a rough start Believe me when I say that six months ago, I never thought they would end up inseperable.

The very first day that Anny came home from the shelter, she was brought outside to meet Kaiah, Jackson, and Sam (more on them later). She was nervous, but we heard that she had been the bully of her litter. Kaiah did not know what to make of her! She had been playing with 85-pound Jackson and 60-pound Samantha for most of her life. What was this little thing? Kaiah, being the gentle, yet curious, ball of fur that she is, was going to find out. She laid her self down right in front of Anny, with her nose just inches away from Anny’s sweet little face. And then…Anny barked! Kaiah’s ears shot straight back as if some immeasurable wind had just blown into her face. She quickly returned to wrestling with the big dogs. That little thing had some nerve!

Somewhere between then and now, they became the best of friends. They enjoy staring competitions that resemble something out of an old western movie, tackling each other while making crazy noises, and laying in the grass as they plot how they can next cause trouble. Oh, how they love to cause trouble.

So imagine the chaos that ensued when Anny appeared in my parents’ driveway. The two of them were overwhelmed with disbelief, shock, and of course, excitement. They spent the day playing and causing trouble. You didn’t really think they could go one day without causing trouble did you? They decided to get loose and explore the golf course, finding mud to swim in along the way. Yes, I said mud to swim in, because that’s just what they did. We eventually got them showered and clean and they enjoyed the rest of their day. Just a few more days left until they are causing trouble reunited again in Blacksburg.


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